Internal Audit Mission Statement

Internal Audit as a Trusted Advisor

Internal Audit provides independent and objective assurance and consulting services to the University. The Services reflect the department’s charter to evaluate University strategy, operations, reporting, and compliance management systems.

We execute Services in collaboration with Management to prioritize the mitigation of root causes for vulnerabilities in the internal control environment (people, processes, technology, and culture) that may impact academic, research, or operating processes or unit performance.

We will report project results that:

  • Enable Management to make judgments about priorities, resource allocation, and competing goals.
  • Provides the Audit Committee governance, risk, and compliance information necessary to perform the oversight role documented in its charter. 

This dual reporting role is accomplished through a strategy and annual planning methodology, which:

  • Delivers both continuous and periodic deliverables linked to the Audit Committee agenda.
  • Considers the maturity of the University’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Program.
  • Matches budget resources with a priority-weighted universe of potential Audit Subjects segmented by strategic, operations, reporting, and compliance.
Internal Audit Mission Statement flyer detailing Context for Planning and Delivery, Services and Strategy